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7 Effective Ways To Make Sure Your Home Stays Safe

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Perhaps, the most dreadful part of owning a home, regardless if it’s an apartment, a mansion, or a green home, is worrying whether or not it is safe when the whole family is out. This always our worry especially when we are new to the neighborhood. We’ve heard lots and lots of stories about break-ins and burglaries and it’s definitely something we never want to deal with.

As homeowners, we are responsible for our home and all that is inside. Hence, we must never take our home security for granted; doing so might just cost us a fortune or in some cases, even lives. Moreover, we should never wait for tragedy like burglary to strike us; it’s best if we secure the homes ahead. As the saying goes,  it is better to be safe than sorry.

With all this in mind, we are happy to compile 7 effective ways of keeping your home safe. Read below.

Home Safety

Install high-quality locks.

This applies to both doors and windows; always ensure you have high-quality locks. If you need help in fixing or installing new and better locks, simply google local locksmiths near me and the web will provide you with a list of locksmiths within your area. Do make sure the locksmith company is legitimate and not a scam by doing your own research and reading reviews or feedback.

When we say high-quality locks, these are door and window locks that cannot easily be picked by a hairpin or by swiping a card. Extra locks will also help in keeping your home safer.

Install security system.

This works well when all the home residents are inside, perhaps fast asleep. Once, a burglar attempts to open your doors and windows, an alarm will signal and the 24/hr security system company will give you a call to see if you need police assistance. Other security systems may work differently but they all have one common goal and that is to increase your home’s security.

Befriend your neighbors.

It’s always good to have other people look after your property for you. If you’re going out of town for a while, extra help will be very useful. You may be entitled to this if you are kind and friendly to your neighbors; you may even ask them the favor directly.

keeping your home safe

Keep your valuables hidden.

Avoid showing off your grand piano or your expensive home theater; perhaps, it would be best if you keep the blinds closed. Showing off will only attract the burglars more. Furthermore, your jewelries and money should also be placed in a safe or a vault.

Have a watch-dog.

Dogs are very helpful as they are effective in scaring burglars away. However, a watchdog is more fitting for the role; chihuahuas and poodles might not be effective.

Post warning signs.

Even if you do not have a CCTV or a watchdog around, posting signs saying otherwise are effective in deterring anyone from entering your home.

Light up front and backyard.

A house which has no lights whatsoever will seriously attract burglars since their identity are safely kept; hence, do install lights in both your front porch and backyard. This will make them think twice about entering your home.




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