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Living A Green Life: 6 Random Tips To Help Save Trees

how to save trees

If we want our future children and the next generations to be able to witness the beauty of Earth, we must take actions in and outside our homes in order to save it. It is no surprise that our planet is suffering due to man-made activities. The more we leave carbon footprints and the more we destroy rainforest, the more chances of us losing mother Earth completely.

Saving Earth

Today, environmentalists are implementing different methods of going green in order to save the environment; however, we should not only rely upon these environmental advocates for their efforts are not enough if majority of the people in the world are doing the opposite. Hence, it is very important for us to be united in saving this planet. Indeed, collective and world-wide efforts need to be done.

One of the best ways to help save Earth is by saving trees. That said, we have compiled a list of random tips to do this.

Saving Trees

It would seem like the world is running low on trees; large portions of the world’s finest rainforests are getting bald due to logging systems among other issues. Hence, many institutions and organizations feel the need to plant more trees in order to reverse the effects caused by illegal logging and the like.

  • Ditch the use of brown bags.

It really is time to ditch the use of the famous brown grocery bags. Turn to containers that would promote the acts of reusing, reducing, and recycling. For instance, instead of placing your food in easy-to-go brown bags, use a lunch box instead. And instead of using brown bags for the things you picked up at the grocery shop, bring your own shopping bag.

  • Think before you print.

This is especially addressed to those in school and business institutions where printing is an essential part of everyday life. You must think hard before printing anything. If you do need to print, print wisely. You should go for double-side printing and you should even make use of recycled paper. As for your choice of printing, choose a printing company like Doranix which is an advocate of smart printing as well.

green printing tips

  • Stick with electronic reading materials.

If you can work with electronic books, magazines, cards, etc. then do so. Try your best to avoid buying hard or soft bound reading materials and get yourself used to taking advantage of technology. Luckily, there are several phone and computer applications today that serves as electronic libraries for your reading materials.

  • Go for paperless billing.

Again, you must take advantage of what technology is offering. Thus, you should seriously ditch having your bills delivered to your home and instead, sign up for paperless billing. Simply check your electronic mails for notifications.

  • Turn to air-drying.

You really do not need rolls of napkins or tissues to dry your hands; air drying should be the way to go. And if you want faster drying, stick to using cloth instead of wasting paper.