What Food Not To Eat When You Have a Runny Nose

Having a runny nose is just so irritating. You will not just suffer one thing because runny nose is accompanied with headache and sometimes fever. There are so many things affected if you will have an ailment like this. This case might not be a life-threatening diseases but it could ruin your whole day activities.

You cannot do paper works because of this condition. All you want to do is to stay in bed the whole day and just wait for this sickness to be healed with the medicines taken. You cannot play outside, you cannot concentrate on what you are doing, and most especially, you cannot enjoy all the food you want to eat.

Indeed, there are varieties of food, which trigger runny nose or worsen your colds. Getting the correct information on this matter is of great importance because you might just not know that instead of curing your illness, by eating foods you want, might just worsen the case.

In this article, we will discuss the foods to avoid when you still have that runny nose. Please take note that not all the foods that will be mentioned here are dangerous to our health. We will just enumerate them to provide a helpful guide to readers on what types of food could just prolong your runny nose suffering.

Why Spicy Foods Could Trigger Runny Nose?

We have heard and read from many different sources that spicy foods could really induct colds. However, we have not understood why this occurs because of lack of information. To stop our curiosities, let me tell you that chemical capsaicin, found in spicy foods are the agents, which triggers this unwanted condition.

To further understand why this happens, this chemical causes inflammation. This occurs in the nerves on the nasal part, which results in the increase of the production of mucus in the nasal membranes. Due to too much amount of mucus on the nasal area, this results to draining.

Alcohol is another Offender

You might not notice this since it is expected that when you intake alcoholic beverages, you will no longer mind about your health condition because it is just a simple cold. However, just to provide an explanation why alcoholic drinks is one of the biggest offenders in causing a runny nose is that drinking this types of beverages will just open up the blood vessels on the nasal part. This would result to the increase the level of blood flow, thus causes the mucus in the nose to run.

Sweet Foods Worsen Your Colds

Take note also of the sugary foods that would further cause irritation on your throat, thus contributing to the bad feeling you have.

Please be reminded that it is not true to say that eating spicy foods, drink alcoholic beverages, and eat sweet foods will just make your nose a draining faucet, even if you do not have any illness.

It is important that you already have some idea on the types of foods to avoid if you do not want to suffer much on the runny nose you have. There is no need to panic however, if your runny nose condition is worsen due to eating spicy foods and alcoholic drinks, because this is not a serious disease, and remedies are always available for this condition.